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FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) approval registration (No.9090080), ISO9001 standard acquisition, KOSHA18001 standard acquisition, ISO14001 standard acquisition, quality assurance Q mark acquisition
Tetra is a Greek word that means 4, and the Tetra toothbrush head refers to a toothbrush that is divided into 4 parts by specially processing the tip of the bristles. As the bristles tip is divided into 4 parts, it is much softer than conventional toothbrushes and does not put any strain on the gums, making it an easy toothbrush to use even for those with weak teeth and gums. In addition, the Tetra toothbrush head is softer than a conventional toothbrush and has a large amount of bristles, so you can brush your teeth with a small amount of toothpaste.
It has a double hair structure composed of the optimal combination of fine hair and normal hair, which have a sharp tip and feel soft when touching the gums. The combination of the hole diameter of the bristles and the thickness of the bristles according to the data obtained from numerous experiences and clinical trials. And the number of bristles is the best combination that maximizes durability and softness, which are the disadvantages of a double bristle toothbrush. It is a double bristle toothbrush with fine bristles that can easily remove foreign substances in narrow gaps between teeth.